Viraver was required to develop new forms and study new proportions in order for glass to follow the elegant, modern and flowing design of some of the essential elements on board, and mostly on the command bridge.
Aligned lateral and front views for continuity.



In order to fit the totality of the glass surface of the wheelhouse windshield, Viraver developed a single piece of glass of approximately six metres with double curvature, offering for the first time front and lateral windows with no vertical pillars.  The glass was also treated in order to reduce the perceived heat inside the yacht.

The true challenge of the project was moving to such large dimensions with a double curvature rendering the glass particularly complex to produce.

A challenge which Viraver faced and solved with an innovative product.



To shift the limits meant that Viraver had to implement all of the new technologies and plants which are today available to Viraver, from the chemical strengthened glass plant and sag bending ovens for large dimensions. 

The end product is a 5.7m stratified glass with double curvature unique for both size and shape.  The optical quality is very good, with no flaws and optical distortions, specifications that are not subject to compromise in view of the product and its use.


  • CLIENTE:Sanlorenzo
  • DATA:2018
  • CREDITS:PH: SX 76: foto credit Blueiprod

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