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The automotive sector and in particular its design centres work at an incessant pace and the need for reliable partners able to offer innovative solutions is fundamental.

The avant-garde technologies that Viraver offers have made the company the first port of call for  car-company designers and engineers, and also for racing teams seeking extreme solutions for competition cars.

Viraver has long collaborated with automotive design centres and coachbuilders that require often-extreme glass shapes for car prototypes, the lifeblood of new automotive forms. Viraver is able to supply these magnificent “tailors” of four wheels with glass that is complex shaped and reduced thickness but still of impeccable optical quality.

Viraver is one of the most important players in this particular sector of bespoke realizations, thanks to its chemical strengthening treatment and the ability to produce glass with complex curvatures.

Different techniques, but identical attention to quality, are used for polycarbonate products intended for racing and rally cars.

Here, the fundamental factors are not only extreme curvatures, but also lightness, resilience and optical quality.

With these qualities, Viraver polycarbonate is an essential ingredient of any winning car.







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