Viraver is the company of the "Glass of the new millennium", the result of research and development, intuition and passion born from an in depth knowledge of the material. Viraver, determined to establish a strong industrial footprint, has followed, for the past twenty years, an ongoing development plan, making her today a leader and an international player for excellence in the world of glass processing.
The project and the customer are at the centre of the philosophy that guides the concept of “Glass of the new millennium”, supported by an inclusive team, strong on the experience accumulated in the past, aware of today's potential, ready for new challenges.


“Constraints are a starting point and never an end point.” Viraver defines witht these words its corporate philosophy, which is what now defines the path of the industrial plan named “Beyond Glass 2030”. An industrial plan aimed at achieving incremental growth through investments that will involve people and their training, new technologies and new production plants.

Sustainability is part of our daily lives and is part of our vision.

Glass is a sustainable material.

The scraps from the raw matrials (eg 200 tonnes of glass each year) are collected and sent to recyclers to come back renewed.

With the most recently installed machineries and systems and those which will soon be installed, Viraver’s environmental footprint is aligned with the sustainablilty demanded today and most importantly that of the future.

Company Certification

Viraver is a certified ISO 9001:2015 company demonstrating its compliance to the set of guidelines developed by the international Organization for Standardization.

This guarantees that as a company Viraver controls all of the company’s procedures in order to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and quality of its processes, products and services. As the ultimate goal and naturally inherent in Viraver’s way of being, is full customer satisfaction.



The use of glass as a structural and design element is becoming increasingly important in the yachting world. Through design and development stages, Viraver

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The automotive sector and in particular its design centers work at an incessant pace and the need for reliable partners able to offer innovative solutions is…

Architectural & Industrial

To offer inspiring new solutions in glazing to architects and designers is a fascinating challenge for us at a time when glass is increasingly used as a key…

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Bulletproof & Security

Viraver Technology’s highly advanced glazing solutions developed for the marine industry are being employed to make innovative new…

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Virashield BR

Viraver has make a range of bullet proof and  armored glass model indistinguishable from a conventional glass, both for aesthetics and for optical quality, even through the remarkable reduction in thickness. ViraShield BR (bulletproof glass) is a laminated glass composed

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The integrated Porthole applies a new technology for hull windows with portholes with integrated wireless sensors, flush installed to look completely frameless and compliant with the class requirements of all major naval registers.This technology is available for different shape hull

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ViraPlain applies the technology developed by Viraver where the visual effect is that chromatically the glass blends with the hull colour, which from afar offers an unblemished surface and only when up close on can discern the glass as integral

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