Architectural and Industrial

To offer inspiring new solutions in glazing to architects and designers is a fascinating challenge for us at a time when glass is increasingly used as a key element in architecture and industry.

Viraver has been called for the creation of specifically sinuous glass surfaces, with cylindrical and spherical curves in large dimensions. Transparency blends with the soft lines of the curvatures to highlight the innovative approach of projects in full respect of all laws and regulations.

We can offer to the architects creativity, the innovative solutions they need, at the large scale their buildings require, thanks to facilities that can produce extreme curvatures, of the size of 6,50×3,10 meters and,  the largest plate glass available anywhere, in either chemically strengthened form as a worldwide leader for the size of  8X3,10 meters.

Viraver also offers armoured low-density glass with the use of structural interlayer plastic films.

Viraver’s products can be found in world famous structures and in the complex forms – glass staircases for example – of prestigious international projects.

All Viraver products intended for architecture comply with European Regulation No. 305/2011 and the harmonized Technical Standards for the purposes of CE marking. The specific DoPs for each type of product are available on request via email at the following address:







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