Covid-19 crisis

Viraver has taken strong procedures to deal with the situation that has arisen at a national level with the appearance of the Covid-19 or Corona Virus


Viraver in the face of the emergency that has arisen with the spreading of Covid-19, the virus that is strongly affecting the Italian and European socio-economic system, promptly implemented all the necessary actions to safeguard the interests of its employees, of the company and property, as well as its customers and suppliers.

Following all the directives announced by the Council of Ministers, the Italian Ministry of Health and the Veneto Region, Viraver has taken action and has implemented strong measures of Crisis Management, which can be defined according to three key principles:


Research, monitoring and preparation

The first phase concerns the analysis of the company’s internal and external environmen. This phase is to identify any limits, shortcomings, or any type of vulnerability that could represent a risk to the integrity of the staff and/or the business. On the basis of today’s knowledge and the active monitoring, a crisis management plan is developed, and all necessary procedures are implemented, to keep both the individual and the company safe.


Answer and adaptation

The second commits and will commit Viraver to react to the active crisis that today is both on a national and European level. Viraver will fully adopt the measures defined by the competent bodies, and will implement them on a corporate level to counteract, to the best of the company’s possibilities, unexpected scenarios, which may further arise, also safeguarding customers and the product.



In the event of a forced stop of production, Viraver is already planning the restoration of the status quo, aimed at minimizing the time gap between the cessation and the resumption of the activity, to ensure that the product reaches the customers in the shortest possible time and with the usual excellent quality of the product guaranteed by Viraver


As you read in the introduction of this communication, Viraver promptly reacted to this crisis that no one expected to be of such proportions, says Marco Mazzarolo General Manager Viraver. Not only have we adopted all the measures of prevention and common sense that are due in a situation like this, but we have reacted promptly to all decrees that have been announced by national and regional institutions.


Moreover, Marco Mazzarolo continues, we immediately turned all our attention to keeping an open dialogue with our customers, in order to guarantee even “remotely” our presence and participation in projects that are particularly demanding and require a constant exchange of information.


Today 13 March 2020 we take the conscientious decision to temporarily suspend production in all our departments, having implemented all the safety measures for  production, which we hope to be able to resume if not in one at the latest in two weeks


Ennio Mazzarolo, President of Viraver:

The commitment of the company and the family is to safeguard and guarantee the transparency in internal and external communications. For this, I thank all the employees, the company management and in particular the HR and Communications and Marketing department for the timely work they are carrying out to safeguard the common interest of the employees, the company and customers.

2020 is a year that we will remember, certainly for this sudden crisis, now defined as a pandemic, a noun that we thought we would never hear, and because it’s Viraver’s 20th anniversary, which falls at a difficult moment, but I have always believed in commitment and work and Viraver is an expression of this philosophy. We are not thinking on how to “face the crisis” because we are already doing this, however, we are instead thinking on how to be ready for the future with new products and new ideas.

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