Bulletproof and Security

Bulletproof and Security

Viraver Technology’s highly advanced glazing solutions developed for the marine industry are being employed to make innovative new products for the armoured glass sector.

ViraShield BR is the result of all of Viraver’s specialist knowledge of producing thin glass and its skills in multi-layering with different types of plastic interlayers. Also key in this development is Viraver’s experience in inserting heating elements and opaque films without harming optical quality.

The work has resulted in an armoured glass with the same ballistic resistance as other armoured glasses but with a considerable reduction in thickness and therefore in weight: with the same ballistic resistance as glass-only compositions, ViraShield BR has a weight reduction of 40%. ViraShield BR is made for use both in the automotive sector and in architecture where the protection of sensitive sites, with the ever increasing need to blend in with contemporary design, is increasingly in demand. ViraShield BR is also in demand in the naval sector.

ViraShield BR is a stratified anti-splinter safety glass composed of different glass plates, assembled with the use of one or more specific interlayers. Special attention has been given to an appearance that respects architectural and design needs; the objective was to render the armoured installation indistinguishable from an un-armoured version for both looks and optical quality.

ViraShield BR armoured glass is the result of Viraver’s ongoing research and development program and the many synergies possible by having all Viraver’s teams working across all sectors on a single site.