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The development of Polycarbonate was born from a request with strict parameters to be respected.  It was a challenge that effectively required the search for a product that combined lightness, typical of a racing product, with an optical quality that would allow riders the best visibility even in extreme conditions and always in the compliance with FIA regulations, and with a high level of safety.

This is the challenge that in 2012 Viraver was set to solve by one of the leading Italian car manufacturers, to develop the transparent surfaces of their GT3 championship car.



The important and careful research and development phase carried out on this product has been an important asset that has allowed us to capitalize on the experience of producing a very high-quality product that is still used today on cars competing in European and world championships.



Viraver has increased this specific product range, using microfilm heating systems, required in endurance races or in case of rain, and by producing sliding side windows.

All our products are always made of aeronautical quality transparent polycarbonate, treated with our anti-scratch process performed after the bending of the part to guarantee maximum duration.

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