ViraPlain is a new product that offers a technology embodying two functional characteristics: aesthetics and privacy.

This technology uses a double layered dots screen printing, distributed on the external and internal surface of the glass, light on one side black on the other.

Viraplain exterior surface view

ViraPlain interior surface view

Viraver interprets the implementation of glass and considers it as a design element functional to its purpose and this product, one of the protagonists, has the characteristic to blend chromatically with the colors of the hull creating an almost total uniformity, until one gets closer to the yacht and the integral element (glass) can be discerned.

The privacy offered to the interior spaces is guaranteed by the way the dots are configured which cut the source of direct or indirect light therefore incrementing the shielding ability from the exterior towards the interior and is so doing offering a private and comfort area.

Viraver confirms its commitment to research and development to find new usages and technologies and its ability to create bespoke products thanks to its team of specialists who work closely with the client.

Visual effect of the glass with and without the ViraPlain technology



The chemical strengthening process of glass is used to improve the physical characteristics of glass, increasing its resistance to mechanical stresses and to thermal shocks.

The chemical strengthening process by its nature does not involve any kind of optical distortion and imprint on the treated glass.

The chemically strengthened glass is not subject to the risk of spontaneous rupture from inclusions of Nickel Sulphide and therefore does not require Heat Soak tests.

Viraver prides itself on being the only company to be able to produce chemically strengthened glass sheets as large as 26.4ftx10.53ft (8mx3,21m).


Laminated glass is one of the most used products in projects where glass is a structural part because it combines transparency with the robustness and security features required by standards and norms.
In Viraver lamination is executed for each piece of glass by bag technique and autoclave cycle.
The stratification techniques used in Viraver allows innumerable materials to be added to the plastic interlayer that further enhance the purpose to the glass, for example: heating elements, heat shields, electromagnetic radiation shields, electric and decorative opacifier films.


This is the process in which the union between the glass and the plastic material that make up the stratified takes place. In Viraver lamination is carried out lamination in an autoclave, which consists in subjecting the laminate to the simultaneous action of pressure, temperature and vacuum in order to generate the intimate union of the different materials. Viraver is equipped with a new large autoclave for glass and polycarbonate sheets equal to 29.53ftx10.83ft (9mx3,30m).


Viraver has an ISO 9001: 2015 certified quality management system.

Viraver monitors all business processes in order to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and quality of its processes, products and services.

Viraver systematically controls its products before delivery with the aim to verify the customer’s standards, and in particular optical, foreign and sizes of products. The controls on the finished product are made by qualified national experts.

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