Nowadays, during the stages of development of Super and Giga Yachts, the fire resistance characteristic is more and more frequently requested; this property is determined through the application of the Fire Test Procedure Code issued by the IMO.

Viraver has introduced to this specific safety sector a fire protection system of excellence, which confirms Viraver Technology’s leadership in the yachting sector.

Viraflame revolutionizes the concept of fire rated windows using an exclusive technology. 

A system certified by Viraver, which seamlessly combines the need for safety and design, offering superior quality, compared to traditional products on the market, in terms of reduced thickness, transparency and stability of quality in time.  The fire protection system Viraflame, in fact, does not use intumescent gel but rather exploits design innovation related to the frame, the type of fixing and the sequence of installed materials.

The classification obtained, in accordance with the FTP tests, is A0 (extendable to A30 with dedicated splinklers), with a maximum size for the element equal to 3m X 2m.  The Viraflame system also complies with the Passenger Yacht Code – CISR.

The weak point of the classic fire-resistant glass with intumescent is in its instability. Already at temperatures ranging from 70° to 80°, that can easily be reached simply by direct exposure to sun rays, the gel begins to react to the temperature, causing bubbles and progressively losing its transparency.

The fire protection system Viraflame, maintains its qualities of transparency unaltered even over the passing of time.  Because the system does not use intumescent gel, both in normal circumstance and during a fire on board, the transparency of the glass guarantees that the one can see and evaluate the eventual state of danger.

FTP code class divisions

B-0 30 0
B-15 30 15
A-0 60 0
A-15 60 15
A-30 60 30
A-60 60 60



The chemical strengthening process of glass is used to improve the physical characteristics of glass, increasing its resistance to mechanical stresses and to thermal shocks.

The chemical strengthening process by its nature does not involve any kind of optical distortion and imprint on the treated glass.

The chemically strengthened glass is not subject to the risk of spontaneous rupture from inclusions of Nickel Sulphide and therefore does not require Heat Soak tests.

Viraver prides itself on being the only company to be able to produce chemically strengthened glass sheets as large as 26.4ftx10.53ft (8mx3,21m).


Silkscreen printing is a glass printing technique which serves both aesthetic and practical purposes.

At Viraver, we use two printing technologies:

CLASSICAL SILKSCREEN PRINTING • Which involves printing by means of silkscreen frames and inks on compact and shaded, black and colored strips, which protect the glues used to install the glass, while at the same time creating an attractive aesthetic effect in the combinations of glass and structure.

PRINTING ON PVC • Viraver is a Kuraray licensee for SentryGlass® Expression™, a type of technology which enables high definition coloured images to be printed continuously on both transparent and opaque interlayers.


Laminated glass is one of the most used products in projects where glass is a structural part because it combines transparency with the robustness and security features required by standards and norms.
In Viraver lamination is executed for each piece of glass by bag technique and autoclave cycle.
The stratification techniques used in Viraver allows innumerable materials to be added to the plastic interlayer that further enhance the purpose to the glass, for example: heating elements, heat shields, electromagnetic radiation shields, electric and decorative opacifier films.


This is the process in which the union between the glass and the plastic material that make up the stratified takes place. In Viraver lamination is carried out lamination in an autoclave, which consists in subjecting the laminate to the simultaneous action of pressure, temperature and vacuum in order to generate the intimate union of the different materials. Viraver is equipped with a new large autoclave for glass and polycarbonate sheets equal to 29.53ftx10.83ft (9mx3,30m).


Viraver has an ISO 9001: 2015 certified quality management system.

Viraver monitors all business processes in order to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and quality of its processes, products and services.

Viraver systematically controls its products before delivery with the aim to verify the customer’s standards, and in particular optical, foreign and sizes of products. The controls on the finished product are made by qualified national experts.

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