A true challenge that involved Viraver in the development of this “glass” project in which glass was the structural element because the design philosophy’s guidelines were transparency and elegance.



In this project glass plays a fundamental role and it was prized by the prestigious magazine Boat International winning the Award in the new category called, “Game Changer”.  This category highlights new production processes and cutting-edge technologies that add to the design.  The judges decided that the “Clean View” and the variety of curvatures and flat surfaces of these structural glasses, with no frames that are the walls, even for the pool, fit the requests of the owner, who asked to have a seamless perspective and a view from his boat avoiding frames and pillars. Key to this success are the glasses designed and manufactured by Viraver Technology.



Viraver’s world leading technology for the production of large surfaces of chemically strengthened glass (8m × 3.21m) and the sag bending ovens for big dimensions (6.50m x 3.10m) made this project possible and to underline also the excellent optical qualities of Viraver products.


  • CLIENTE:Tankoa
  • DATA:2018
  • CREDITS:PH: Tankoa S701 M/Y “Solo” – Designed by Studio Francesco Paszkowski

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