Viraver GL IMG 1844

Virashield BR

Viraver has make a range of bullet proof and  armored glass model indistinguishable from a conventional glass, both for aesthetics

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The integrated Porthole applies a new technology for hull windows with portholes with integrated wireless sensors, flush installed to look

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ViraPlain applies the technology developed by Viraver where the visual effect is that chromatically the glass blends with the hull

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Benetti Motopanfilo 37M 6


Viraver is the company that has gone beyond the boundaries of glass like no one else has done on a

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viraver yachting gallery 001

New Build

Every new project is a new story for Viraver, which is managed with our “Turnkey project management”. Six steps, to

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DSC 0121 scaled


Nowadays to approach a refit project on have sustainable vision along with the refit works objectives.  The mission is to

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