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Laminated glass is one of the most used products in projects where glass is a structural part because it combines transparency with the robustness and security features required by standards and norms.
In Viraver lamination is executed for each piece of glass by bag technique and autoclave cycle.
The stratification techniques used in Viraver allows innumerable materials to be added to the plastic interlayer that further enhance the purpose to the glass, for example: heating elements, heat shields, electromagnetic radiation shields, electric and decorative opacifier films.


Viraflame®Fire Resistance

The fire resistance feature is increasingly demanded in many sectors and especially in the yacht sector; this property is determined by applying the Fire Test Procedure Code issued by the IMO. Viraflame revolutionizes the concept of fire resistant windows, combining perfectly safety and design requirements, offering superior quality to traditional products on the market, even in terms of thickness reduction and transparency. The Viraflame firefighter system does not include intumescent gel but exploits design innovation related to the frame, the type of fixing, and the sequence of installed materials.

The classification obtained in accordance with the FTP tests is A0 (extensible A30 with dedicated sprinklers) and with maximum dimensions of the parental element of 7.35ftx9.67ft (2240mmx2950mm) 7.23ftx9.5ft (2214mmx2914mm)..

This system also complies with the requirements of the Passenger Yacht Code – CISR.

ViraGrip - Antiskid glass

Viraver has qualified a particular product with a specific non-slip function.

It is a laminated glass on which on its surface has been deposited a non-removable paint that significantly increases the roughness of the glass.

It is possible to deposit the paint on the entire surface or to respect a specific design, such as a logo or dotted grid, to maintain the transparency of the element.

ViraHeat - Micro-Wire heating insertion

Viraver produces flat and curved glass with de-fogging or de-icing heating systems to ensure maximum visibility in all environmental conditions.

The heating effect can be obtained by using two different technologies; by inserting micro-wire heating elements or coating heating elements.

According to customer requirements, Viraver offers a wide range of design solutions to fully integrate the element according to the power supply, unitary heating power, electrical use as per component.

ViraSun - Heat control glass

In order to optimize the optical-luminous performance of the glass, in addition to providing a wide range of coatings available on the market, which can be adapted to complex shapes, Viraver uses shielding solutions through the use of special interlayers or selective films incorporated within the plastic interlayer.

There are several technologies and materials that Viraver uses, depending on the conditions of use, of the requirements of Customer’s binding laws and specification

SentryGlas® Expression™ - High definition print

Viraver is the only licensing company in Italy for Kureray’s SentryGlas® Expression ™ technology.

Through this technology high resolution digital print is applied, using specific inks and PVBs, any photographic image, logo, geometric design or material reproduction inside laminated flat and curved security glass.

ViraScreen - Screening glass for electromagnetic waves

Privacy and protection are provided by windows that allow screening of electromagnetic emissions.

Using the principle of the Faraday Cage and guaranteeing a good compromise between the visibility and the shielding value required, laminated glass is produced with shielding features that can be produces in different thicknesses, with hardened glass and not and with varying interlayers.

Generally, the production technique used involves inserting, inside the plastic cross-section, of conductive elements which while maintaining the transparency requirements, ensure shielding efficiency.

ShadyGlass - Variable transparency

For indoor privacy management where traditional curtains are not used, windows are available that can be rendered opaque by means of a simple electrical command. This effect is obtained by interposing a specific encapsulated film containing liquid crystals.

When the film is active, the glass plate is rendered transparent, when turned off, the plate assumes a translucent-opaque appearance. The Viraver Shady Glass maintains the laminated glass safety features and complies with the CE marking regulations.

ViraShield® - Bullet-Proof glass and Anti-Burglay glass

Viraver offers a full range of bulletproof and anti-burglary solutions, certified according to different levels of protection. ViraShield BR (bulletproof glass) is a laminated glass composed of glass and polycarbonate sheets, joined together by the use of specific interlayers; all Virashield BR compositions are anti splinter. During development, Viraver’s ViraShield BR (anti-bulletproof) and anti-burglary (Viralam) products can be adapted to the customer’s architectural and design needs through the use of heating systems and / or opaque films.

The objective is to make the armored model indistinguishable, both for aesthetics and for optical quality, even through the remarkable reduction in thickness.

Viraver has many compositions classified according to international standards EN 1063 (civilian) and STANAG 4569 (military).

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