Le Mans

Le Mans 2023 the Century Race, that has written a history, made up of men, strength and resilience.

Once upon a time, Le Mans started with the drivers lined up in front of the cars and they sprinted few meters to enter into the cockpit and start from the pit lane with the screeching of the tyres.
This race, its pictures inspired the management of Viraver (a car enthusiast) creating a product that had the characteristics of: lightness, transparency, mechanical strength… To which was added the ability, Viraver to design complex shapes and patterns.

In the world of modern motor racing, the universal rule is attention to detail expressed to the nth degree. Le Mans Series cars are very complex, where all details are carefully designed, to perform, but also and above all to withstand hyper-stress for 24 hours. A victory on the track is always the sum of many elements, each of which must be perfect, and in endurance racing this is even more important.

In such extreme, careful design, Viraver has the role of producing the transparent parts, especially the windshields commonly called “fairings,” given their semi-spherical geometry.

Thanks to decades of experience in the world of motor racing, our products exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Very high optical quality, obtained both by selecting the best materials and by taking care of each of the various processing stages
  • The development of the invisible micro-wire heating system shared with our customers, so that it balances the electrical design characteristics with the available voltage, the absorbed current and the specific power to obtain
  • The ability to modify the project “on the run”, based on the return of the car’s performance data from the track
  • The extreme lightness of the detail, always in compliance with the thicknesses indicated by the FIA regulations
  • The safety of the pilots

It was a privilege for Viraver Technology support many leading cars and teams in this centennial 24 Hours race, but most of all it was a pleasure to be able to underline, how well our products performed and ensured quality and safety for the cars in the race, of which no less than 6 of the top 7 finishers in the Le Mans centennial race, were equipped with Viraver windscreens.