Viraver announces new investments to meet the demands for both quantity and quality from the continuous growth of the company.

2018 was important because it witnessed three important actions.The production area was increased to 17,500sqm.

The company built the new plant for the chemical strenghtend glass, the biggest in the world, capable to work with dimensions of 8000mmx3210mm.

To this it added the new structure installing the oven for the sag bending procedure to accommodate sizes up to 6500mmx3100mm.

During the first semester in 2019 Viraver installed a new autoclave for big dimension glasses, 9000mmx3300mm and a new five-axis plant capable of managing sizes up to 6000mmx3300mm.And lastly the creation of an innovative glass washing station for heritage, coated and magnetic pieces.

This way Viraver consolidating and increasing the production capacity and reinforces its company vision, which is “For Viraver, limits are where to begin never where to stop.”

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