Custom division

Creativity without limits.
Bespoke projects
“ Imagination is the first source of human happiness”
Giacomo Leopardi
Imagination – and the innovation it inspires – is part of everything we do at Viraver.
Over the years Viraver has found itself faced with challenges which can only be defined as unique.
Solving them has required plenty of creative imagination along with the research and development team’s extensive knowledge and the most rigorous ability to analyse and interpret.
Viraver's bespoke team's successful formula has ensured that over the years it has developed tailor-made projects across many sectors. Whether a yacht, a car or an architectural structure, each product is unique.
No matter what the challenge – from glass with impossible curvatures to a super-slim but high-strength screen – it will be tailor made to ensure the perfect fit.
This is Viraver, where looking through glass for imagination and creativity is not a dream, but a daily inspiration.
  • Structural flooring
  • Low-density, high-strength window
  • Protective glass and/or tempered glass for mobile devices
  • Protective polycarbonate
  • Pre-sales support
  • Product development
  • Manufacturing
  • Quality control
  • International certification
  • Worldwide after-sales service