About us



Viraver was founded in the year 2000 as a company dedicated to interpreting the glass of the new millennium.
As a creation of the Millennial Generation, Viraver specialises in developing the most innovative glass in order to provide its customers with products that excel in all technical, engineering, qualitative and functional regards. In addition Viraver glass delivers the aesthetics worthy of any installation where glass is the protagonist.
Different factors have contributed to Viraver’s growth, in both qualitative and quantitative terms, and its solidity as a company today. Product development, market knowledge and dedication to research and quality are the foundations on which Viraver is built.
“Glass is matter and there is nothing more fascinating than a material which man can shape,” says Ennio Mazzarolo, founder and President of Viraver.
“The first use of glass dates back to the third millennium b.c. The history behind its discovery has always fascinated me and Viraver was created to take this spirit of discovery, and the passion that fed it, into the new millennium. Today the company is investing more than ever in innovation and quality, not only in products and machinery but also and most importantly in the people who contribute to the growth of Viraver.”
As a company of the new millennium, Viraver has a profound technical knowledge, structural and human resources which allow it to respond on a daily basis to all the challenges created by changing market demands.


A team of experts inspired by a spirit of innovation

Ennio Mazzarolo


Marco Mazzarolo

General Manager

Massimo Pilon

Sales Manager

Matteo Schiavonato

Technical Manager

Maurizio Roveran

Quality manager

Giuseppe Gentile

Production Manager

Cristiana Mazzarolo

Marketing Manager

Paolo Penzo